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Mines and raw materials

Composed of gravel, sand and gravel mineral materials, for the people on the planet's most widely used construction materials. To implement a quarry or mine high-efficient operation, needs to be smooth, trucking, and the precise calculation of sales materials. To this end, weighing equipment must be able to withstand the harsh environment of quarry. Power transmission electronic in truck and data management technology, can help to provide the necessary tools, to maximize efficiency and performance.


Metal, plastic and electronic components

Implement a consistent and reliable production process is the primary task. To ensure that our solutions

• reliable analysis

Production process of the automation

To avoid the cost of non value-added activities and reduce the production time is the key goal.

Our solution for you to save costs

• reduce waste

• increasing the speed of manual operation


Pharmaceutical and biotechnology

Measurements of standards compliance, traceability, consistency and reliability is a primary concern of the people. Power transmission electronic solutions, covering the automation, the highly effective chemical drug discovery process development and production process automation. Provide value-added services, ensure that products meet government standards, and ensure the consistency and accuracy of measured data.

Used in the normal environment and the dangerous environment.


Food and beverage

Fast, safe and accurate detection result is that water and other non-alcoholic drinks quality analysis and the key points in the process of production.

Power transmission electronic solutions focus on the process of quality control analysis and key parameters monitoring. From raw material receiving, production and transportation, they support the material flow in the process of a variety of weighing and measuring applications.

Our application support may at any time to answer your question on the following:

Quality standard

Food safety

The law requires


Integrated Solution of Modified Plastics

We can provide perfect solutions, the best quality products and the best service from small material feeding station, tonnage unloading station, vacuum conveying system, feeding system and weightlessness measurement system at the front end of the system to homogenization system and packaging system at the back end.

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